Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Product Name: Qilin Dulo Dulo

What is Dulo Dulo?

Dulo Dulo (aka Olisi-palad) is a popular Filipino Martial Art’s weapon, it is a compact (usually knife sized) version of a double edged impact weapon (with pointed ends). Dulo Dulo translates as “two points”. So we are talking about a stick which is grabbed in the middle and has a point on both sides of the fist.

Dulo Dulo is a very useful tool to have in a self defense situation, due to its good power transmission it is very applicable for people without much body power or strength – especially female.

Dulo Dulo is great for nerve destructions, pain/leverage compliance to taking down and controlling your opponent. It is legal to carry everywhere you go, plus they are light and easy to conceal.

Made in: Malaysia
Material used: Wood - Meranti (Scientifically known as Shorea Faguetiena/Multiflora)
Size: 19cm (length)
Price: Introductory Price US$ 28.00
Local: ONLY RM82.00

"Traditional Dulo Dulo looks like this"

"Our new Innovative Qilin Dulo Dulo"

This is an ideal self-defense tool for the true Filipino martial arts enthusiast.

This wooden double edged impact weapon is hand crafted from Meranti wood.

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Anonymous said...

They look good and at the same time, function as a handy weapon without looking like a weapon