Monday, October 6, 2008

Product Name: The Fire Qilin

What is Qilin?

The Qilin (Chinese: 麒麟), also spelled Kylin, or Kirin (Japanese and Korean) is a mythical hooved Chinese chimerical creature known throughout various East Asian cultures, and is said to appear in conjunction with the arrival of a sage. It is a good omen that brings rui (Chinese: ; pinyin: ruì; roughly translated as "serenity" or "prosperity"). It is often depicted with what looks like fire all over its body. (Source from Wikipedia)

Qilin is an auspicious Feng Shui Animal !!!

Feng Shui animals symbolising potent properties to bring you health, wealth, prosperity, protection and more! The Chinese believe in the power of symbolism, and are famous for duplicating the likeness of animals to tap into their positive attributes. Mythical folklore and legends also imbue each animal in the Feng Shui menagerie with powers. Feng Shui animal brings you good omen!

Feng Shui animal brings you good omen! Display The Fire Qilin in your Home!!!

Made in: Malaysia
Material used: Wood - Meranti (Scientifically known as Shorea Faguetiena/Multiflora)
Size: 21cm (width) x 15cm (length)
Price: Introductory Price US$ 35.00 (Normal Price US$ 45.00)
Local: ONLY RM108.00

"When Use It as a Home Decoration"

You can hang it on the wall.

Lay it flat on its base or standing on a cabinet.

"When Use It as a Weapon - for Self-defense"

Hold the Weapon in the following ways:

"Self-Defense Application"


Anonymous said...

Dear weapon-at-home team,

Brilliant ideas!!..I used to have a problem indulging in my hobby of collecting weapons as my wife gets all grumpy when I say I wan to spend my bonus on my hobby but now with your range of products my wife is encouranging me to keep purchasing more nice "deco".

Anonymous said...

Dear weapon-at-home

I am a martial art buff and I love collecting weapons, however, being a woman and loving to decorate my home I can't say thank you enough for your great innovative ideas that transform a weapon into a decorative item for my home, Ur ideas are really good as all my guest have complimented my new decorative additions and I feel secure to have a weapon handy at all times and nobody knows!!..

JKDLecturer said...

Are these comments by the 2 anonymous writers for real?!?! Seriously, what do you have in your kitchens? A fork can be a weapon too, you know. No kitchen knives?

Weapon-at-home said...

Hi JKDLecturer,

Thanks for your comment.

We are proud to offer our "Hand-crafted Wood Art" for Home Deco(Primary), Self Defense(Secondary) purposes.

For Wood Art lovers, I am sure they would prefer to display our wood product as Home Deco - for aesthetic purpose.

AshyanLynx said...

Dear weapon-at-home crew

I can't help noticing JKDlecturer's comments about a fork and kitchen knives being a weapon too,it is right, but I have to say you guys have given a new zest of life to such household "weapons" and i think your products have just started out a new form of art appreciation. I must say its refreshing and I like it, I'm an enthusiast already. Keep it up!

ECGMA said...

Hey JKDLecturer,
I see you in here to 'stir' the hornet's nest, eh? You know what happens when you DO stir and mess with the hornets, don't you, my friend? You'll get stung!
Anyway, you seemed to be missing the point here, these are home decorative ornaments which 'can' be use as a 'self-defense' tool. Allow me to educate you a little bit, my yanky friend.
Kitchen utensils are UTILITIES ie. definition of 'utility' is: "designed chiefly for use or service rather than beauty, high quality, or the like".
Weapon-At-Home is primarily NOT a utility but a home decorative ornament. Utilisation is secondary.
So lecturer....end of lesson. You are dismiss.

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.