Saturday, October 25, 2008

Product Name: The Hidden Falcon

What is Falcon?

Falcon is a powerful, fast-flying and fearless predator. It is the world fastest bird with speed up to 230km per hour and have eyesight 8 times better than human. It is a remarkable hunter capable of taking prey up to 6 times its own body weight.

Falcon is an auspicious Feng Shui Animal !!!

Feng Shui animals symbolising potent properties to bring you health, wealth, prosperity, protection and more! The Chinese believe in the power of symbolism, and are famous for duplicating the likeness of animals to tap into their positive attributes. Mythical folklore and legends also imbue each animal in the Feng Shui menagerie with powers.

Feng Shui animal brings you good omen! Display The Hidden Falcon in your Home!!!

Made in: Malaysia
Material used: Wood - Cengal
Size: 1.5cm (width) x 21.50cm (length)
Price: Introductory Price US$ 28.00
Local: ONLY RM82.00

"When Use It as a Home Decoration"

"When Use It as a Weapon for Self-defense"

You can hold the Weapon in 2 directions:

"Self-Defense Application"

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Anonymous said...

Hi People at weapon-at-home,

Lately with all the news of houses in my neighbourhood being robbed I was in search of some way to keep a weapon handy at all times of emergency. A friend told me to check out a site selling weapons that I can leave in the open and not feel worried about it looking menacing when my mother-in-law comes by and so I logged on and I bought the Fire Qilin as a trial, when it arrived I was so amazed at the uniqueness of your idea of merging a weapon with home deco that I immediately logged on to view your other products. The Hidden Falcon is my latest purchase and I'm actively keeping an eye on your site to make sure I get my hands fast on your next new design. Now my Qilin is in the hall, the Falcon bird I keep on my nightstand next to my bed I really hope you will come out with something suitable for my kitchen or bathroom so that eventually every single room in my house will have a weapon handy yet appears as just another piece of the furniture. Thanks! you guys are great!